While I have been creating all my life,
I officially began serving others in 2015.

I believe one of the things most worth celebrating in life is finding your person. Getting back up after heartbreak + stumbling into that person you get to go through life with. Of all the millions of people in the world, you found each other + have worked to make your relationship truly one for the books. That deserves celebrating! But not just with any old party - this one is a love-filled, romantic + intentional event. One attended by those you hold dear + draped in all the little details that have built the foundation of your love, your friendship + your forever. 

I serve people who love love. I am here to handle all of your wedding paper needs by creating something that captures the two of you + creating the first piece of art the two of you commission as a married couple. So get back to shopping for all your wedding attire + tasting cakes! I got this.


In order to provide this high level of service, I only take on a limited number of clients a year. 


what's in a name


The name originated from two things: a love of bees + a desire to describe my work ethic combined with the level of service you can expect from Earnest Bee. I am a hard worker with a desire to help you feel assured that your paper goods are not something you have to worry about. My passion, drive, + service to my clients sets me apart from others.

Every year, I donate a portion of my profits to help support the pollinators (bees, butterflies + the like) who are critical to our food supply + the beauty that exists around us.