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Portrait by Siri Jones

Hey there! I'm so excited you stopped by! My name is Samantha + I'm all about celebrating love + happiness. I regularly say "happy [insert day here]," even early in the morning! I have a soft spot for curling up with a good book or spending a day sketching + playing with my watercolor paints. Fall is my jam, which makes calling New England home all the sweeter. I love its crisp, sunny days, apple cider, colorful leaves, + of course my birthday every September!

I'm a passionate creator. Beyond calligraphy + painting, I have a penchant for baking, sewing, carpentry, + gardening. My dad raised me the same way he raised his boys, tough + strong with a big heart. My mom made sure my curiosity was never extinguished; thus my love of perpetual learning + the joy I find in being challenged. 

I am excited to go on an adventure with you to create something lovely while capturing the magic of your love story.